Color and black metal

Depending on the raw material turns black and colored rental.

Inexpensive and durable black metal of carbon steel used in the construction and in various industries: defense, oil, chemical.

Better corrosion sheets differ in corrosion resistance, easy to process, therefore, used in construction and industry.

Expanded metal rolling of structural steel or stainless steel is a metal sheet, made at a special press with a corrugated surface. In the case of use as decking, stair steps or platforms, It allows to increase the overlap area on 60%, keeping the load limits 1 m2.

Ferrous metal corrosion properties and resistance to temperature makes it indispensable in the aviation industry, and shipbuilding. Galvanized sheet used for mounting seam coating, in additional elements of the roof, in chimneys, ventilation systems, in the casing of the wooden parts.