Types of welded steel pipes

Electrically welded pipes round, manufactured according to the diameter: from 10 to 530 mm GOST 10705-80 from 478 to 1420 mm GOST 10706-76. In this way, total range of the outer diameter - by 10 to 1420 mm, wall thickness - from 1 to 32 mm. Range electrically welded round pipes GOST 10704-91. As a material for the manufacture of pipes used electrowelded steel grades: St2sp, St2ps, St2kp, St4sp, St4ps, St4kp (according to GOST 380-94) and 10ps, 20, 35, 45, 08kp (according to GOST 1050-88).

Products manufactured random length: with a diameter of up to 30 mm – no less 2 m; when coupled diameter. 30 to 70 mm – no less 3 m; when coupled diameter. 70 to 152 mm – no less 4 m; when coupled diameter. 152 mm – no less 5 m. measured length: with a diameter of up to 70 mm – from 5 to 9 m; when coupled diameter. 70 to 219 mm – from 6 to 9 m; when coupled diameter. 219 to 426 mm – from 10 to 12 m. diameter over 426 mm pipes electrically produce only random length.

Common features of these standards is the normalization pipes quality indicators into groups: A - with the norm of the mechanical properties; B - with a valuation of the chemical composition; B - with the norm of chemical and mechanical properties. composition; D - no rationing meh.svoystv and chemical. composition, but with a valuation of the hydraulic pressure.

On product diameter 57 mm or more are allowed one transverse seam. product diameter 820 mm or more should have two longitudinal and one transverse seam. The outer burr on the products to be removed. Weight per meter of product can be calculated according to the formula, Taking density became equal 7,85 g / sm3. Draw your attention to, that the product according to GOST 10706-76 meter of the mass increases by 1% by strengthening seam.

Separately, you can note the large-diameter spirally products, for which there is GOST 8696-74. Tolerances on the thickness of the wall of spiral products must meet tolerances on the thickness of the metal, envisaged GOST 19903-74 to the maximum width of the roll and the steel sheet. Range spiral sizes of products - from 159 to 2520 mm.

Also, specialized products include the main product - is electric welded pipe for the construction of main oil pipelines, pipelines, technological and flowlines. They are manufactured according to GOST 20295-85 diameters in the range 159 – 426 mm.