Cast iron cleanout door. Types and Features

Cleaning the oven channels ensures safe use of stoves and fireplaces. For this purpose, the furnace is equipped with doors cleanout holes, through which the fumes and soot are removed.

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The cleanout door is installed in furnace wall or chimney flues in place or rotate on their bottom. In these places, it collects most of soot and ash.

Method compounds frames and divides the door cover by type.

Removable molded cover. completely removed, which simplifies the process of cleaning the oven of wells. These doors are equipped termoshnur, that does fit the scope to cover more dense.

riveted joint. Classic view cleanout doors. In some plants the door cast a bas-relief with a symmetrical pattern. This allows the easy direction for opening the door, only turning its mounting.

labyrinth connection. The cover is completely removed upwards. This design is more convenient for cleaning wells, Riveted joint than when. Due to the connection technology cover more tight to the frame compared with riveting compound.

By purchasing the door, be sure to consider its design features, because of this depends largely on the further convenience of cleaning the furnace lining, durability and safety of operation of the furnace.