Furnace for the house. The heat capacity of the furnace

In the House, where people live permanently, It should be stably maintained comfortable temperature. Among the various types of heating such conditions can provide the specific heat of the furnace.

Distinctive properties specific heat ovens

The distinguishing feature of the heat capacity furnaces is the ability to store heat from the combustion of firewood and then release it in the house for a long time. heat emission time is 10 -24 hours depending on the size of the furnace. The maximum temperature of the oven is 70-80 °. Due to these properties the oven for home, which permanently live. The room evenly warms, and often there is no need to heat the oven, even in the harshest winter the furnace is fired no more than 2 times.

Furnace for the house. The heat capacity of the furnace
The heat capacity of the heating stove. Cast iron stove Cast Plant Litke: Door fireplace sealed DTG-7C; ash-pit door compacted DPU-3; Cleanout door PRT-7

The material for the construction of heat capacity ovens

The basic material for the construction of furnaces is the heat capacity of the brick, also use heat-resistant concrete, talʹkohlorit, fireclay units.

Design features heat capacity ovens

The heat capacity of the furnace required to put on foundation, otherwise it may break or crack. For areas of different sizes are used in different weights furnace, from 500 to 5000 kg. Also, the size of the space depends on the amount of the firebox (Place, where burning wood) , often in the heat capacity of the furnace is their 2 or 3.

During the construction of the furnace master-oven-builder must achieve uniform heating of the entire surface of the furnace, avoiding overheating certain areas.

For what, except for room heating, apply heat capacity of the furnace?

Heat capacity of the furnace can perform the following functions: Drying of fruits and vegetables, baking bakery products, cooking food, also similar furnace equipped stove bench, which is warmed by the furnace.