brick furnace. Classification by purpose

How to construct a brick furnace depends on their purpose: cooking food, space heating etc.. Let's see, classified as a furnace in their purpose and how they differ from each other.

Heating furnace brick

Heating furnaces have a high heat capacity (long retain and transfer heat). Construction of heating furnaces require large brick costs, thereby increasing its heat capacity, and the oven cools down more slowly.

By heating furnaces are:

Dutch oven
Countercurrent with furnace channels simetrichnyh(Finnish kaminopechi)
Bell furnace Kuznetsova marking OIC 1-14
Heating stove - Golandka
Heating stove - Golandka. The furnace is equipped with a furnace doors DTG 8AS "Onega" and DPU-3A Plant Litke

potters mark, what 70% orders - this is boiler-heating furnace. Furnaces are equipped with a cast iron stove. Additionally ovens installed in them, water heating boilers, chamber for baking bread, drying niche of firewood, Sofa t.d.
Due to the low furnace heat are common in the southern part of Russia, where the climate is warmer. Often, these ovens meet the Ukraine and called "Grubka". These ovens have a similar functionality with the flue-cooking ovens. The difference is, that for the construction of brick stoves with heating shield requires less material and labor costs, than for the furnace and cooking.

In the northern part of Russia characteristics of brick stoves with heating shield makes a great choice for cottages.

For brick cookers with heating shields are:

By its design features brick stove similar to each other and are built at the desired size and features bath. For example: flare and combustion furnaces E Kolchin offer the fastest warming a small amount of stones (2.5-3 o'clock), straight-through furnace labeled "BIC" provide a large mass load of stones in the sauna stove, Ramunusa oven allows the oven in steam rooms with a low ceiling.

The main advantage of such furnaces - high heat capacity. Depending on the heat of the furnace in the bath can be maintained up to 2-3 days, even in the cold.

By the bath brick kilns-Kamenka are:

Flare oven Kolchin EV.
Ovens marked BIC
Kamenka Ramunusa