Ash-pit door iron. Types and Features

Fly ash-pit door closed chamber and regulate the supply of oxygen to the furnace.
Ash-pit door are leaking, compacted and sealed.
leakage level doors affects the heat retaining furnace.
Sealed ash-pit door has termoshnur along the contour of the door and pressing mechanism, which increases the door tightness.

Leaking doors are budget option and have additional structural features, increasing tightness of the door.

Additional structural features of the ash-pit doors

slide rule

An apparatus for controlling the supply of oxygen to the furnace. It is very convenient, when the furnace has melted and a small hole is necessary for oxygen supply. No need to slightly open the door, oxygen fed to the furnace, enough just to open the gate.

Steel spring pins

Unlike classical Riveted joint cover ash-pit frames and door, steel spring pins allow mounting of the door frame separately from the lid and give the opportunity to choose a convenient cover opening direction (right or left).

To purchase door justify your expectations, be sure to consider all of the above points.