How to use the stove with firewood?

To heat the room at the lowest cost fuel and maximize the life of the furnace operation, it is important to stoke the furnace

Which wood to use?

For furnace firebox is necessary to use dry wood. If flushing raw wood, the combustion of the moisture is converted to steam, which passes through the channels and settle on the walls of a condensate, droplets are mixed with the carbon black and formed acid, which leads to the destruction of the chimney.

The best are oak and birch firewood. For example, if protopki equal to the size of the room is required 1 m3 birch wood, the oak ¾ m3; 1,3 m3 - spruce; 1,2 m3 - pine; alder - 1,2 m3 .

How to prepare the furnace to the furnace?

Before the start of the heating season, check the serviceability of the furnace. Pay attention to cracks and gaps, their presence reduces the efficiency of the furnace at least 10%. once a year it is recommended to carry out the repair of the furnace.

2-3 once a year, clean the chimney, 2-3 mm soot in the chimney is reduced efficiency of the furnace to 25%

Be sure to clean the grate from the ash before each furnace, to provide oxygen to the combustion chamber.

reference: Grate (grizzly) It is intended to maintain the fuel and oxygen from the admission chamber to the furnace ash, the cleaner, the better the oxygen supply, which it is important to the combustion process. Grate are wood and coal, less massive wood.

Bake, which not long stoked, at least 2-3 day, it is recommended to prepare a furnace, warm wood small tab. Otherwise, the increased load on the furnace, reducing the term of its operation. This is especially important in the winter day, when the oven cools down faster.

Important: between fires oven should rest for at least 5 hours.

we heat the oven

When laying the wood is important, the distance left between the wood 10-12 mm to sustain combustion process.

The fuel must burn in the furnace, the flame should not go out into the chimney, it is recommended to lay the wood on 20 cm below the top of the combustion chamber.

Try to make a bookmark in the center of the furnace. To better wood flared, usually spread at the bottom of small chips and paper, and on top - the large wood.

Before lighting the wood ash-pit door close and open the valve. As inflame kindling the flame will take up large logs, close the furnace door and open the ash-pit, oxygen fed to the furnace, as firewood flare up can cover the ash-pit door, to adjust the intensity of the thrust.


Furnace door prevents loss of burning wood from the combustion chamber, than ensure the fire safety of the oven.

Ash-pit door allows to adjust the oxygen supply to the combustion chamber and closes the ash chamber.

Latches provide a yield of carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, and after the firing furnace in the hot air outlet pipe.