Types of forged gate. Forging at the gate

In fact, the face area, card holiday home owner, luxurious and artistic front entrance to the house - many adjectives you can pick up for wrought-iron gates and gates, First, create the impression of the guests of the owner's artistic taste and at the same time is to protect the inland. If you remember the age-old times, when the manufacture of forged gate technology were all handmade, wrought-iron gates could not be manufactured entirely of metal due to the high cost of metal, We shoot them down from thick planks not planed, iron bonded steel strips, nailed hinges, the same handmade with zhikovinami, made in the artistic style in the form of arrows and monograms, as well as the system of locking devices – closures, pins, shkvorni.

Nowadays, in this way making forged gate in rare cases, when they want to show the ancient gate, stylized antiquity. metal prices have fallen, tree completely replaced with steel plates, fixed to the steel profile pipes, collected into a single frame with templates welding.

Types of forged gate. Forging at the gate.
wrought-iron gates Godunov accumulated base figures forged gate, finishes gives a wide scope for the choice of the customer, It allows the artist to combine different styles and items from wrought iron gates of different styles and eras. Design of forged gate carefully studied and approved by the customer. forging drawings for swing garage doors are archived in our albums and constitute a unique database.
General view of the wrought-iron gates swing, sliding roller is the basic idea and under it are arranged complementary design elements. There is another important point for sliding gate - fee top roller, holding the gate from the side of falling in the wind, It must have a direct line of rollers, which is laid in a pattern in the form of a straight part of the frame sliding gates forged or welded on a special plate for these videos. If there is a straight line drawing of the top of the gate can be forged and arcuate and arched and wave and the uneven edge. You can be depressed center gate and to provide it with a number of forged peak, as well as forged twist vine twigs sticking. Fantasy artist more than anything is not limited to. Making the gate swing a little different from sliding, the only difference is in the frame folds. Production swing gate occurs on a flat table of U-sections or steel sheet of large thickness. Forging on garage doors is added after the assembly of the frame and sewing sheet.
The first type of forged gate - garage. Put on the garage, entrance to underground parking. Can be generally without forging, and can be decorated with wrought-iron plates, zhikovinami, hinges and frames on the edge. On the garage just put lifting and sectional doors, but they are produced at the plants fully automated process and mount them on forging impossible due to the fact, Forging that weighs a lot, and mechanisms for raising such gates on excess weight is not calculated. Hammered gates – the weight is calculated from the material, used in the assembly. Hammered gates with their hands of course you can collect, but as time goes, what to order cheaper than in a specialized firm.
The second type - the entrance gate. There are two major subtypes: 1. Swinging iron gates. The most common type of gate, finishes such goal weight - complex shape of the frame combines polycarbonate for translucent effect, wood, metal, forged monogram on both sides, sometimes even with vinyl clapboard.
2. Sliding iron gates. A less common type due to the price, which is twice as much, than swing gates. Price increases due to additional work on the foundation and roller recoil system. Advantages of sliding wrought iron gate that, that in the area to save space and to land (c Cases, when the check comes directly on a busy road) and within the section (when the house was built close to the gate, and there is no room for swing gates). Finish sliding gate is the same, as in the swing.

Materials for forged gate
Forged frame gate:
– prof.truby 60*30 or 60*40, for increasing the area of ​​the cross section increases. On the sliding frame gates located on the curved profile of the main rollers.
filling the gate:
– forged monogram of square or round bars 12-16mm, joints are closed Prof.. tubes 15*15. Monogram cook as grids and screwed to the frame with screws.
– smooth metal sheet 2mm, no less, otherwise it may go in waves when fixing welding. It is better to fix the metal sheets to the frame with rivets.
– forged metal sheet is very difficult to manufacture, It is rarely used and is expensive. But it looks spectacular.
– wood or vinyl siding. It fills the space in order to avoid transparency of forged gate, cheaper, than the metal sheet.
– Multi-wall polycarbonate. To create a translucent effect. Silhouettes and outlines visible, no details.
– monolithic plexiglass. Transparent and avoid contact with the street dog. usually toned.
– bolt and falls down pins at each gate leaf. Many gates lately automated automatics for gates – without bolts and pins can not be dispensed, because light can disable, a small key unlock the drive for a long time.

Frequently asked question: The polycarbonate to strengthen forged gate? The answer is simple: frame welded at the target stop bar on the perimeter fastening of the profile pipe 20 * 20mm and fastened thereto with screws polycarbonate, then another frame closes the second side also on the screws. As a result, the polycarbonate is between frames and looks aesthetically beautiful and.