How to choose the doors for private homes?

Gate - a pledge of comfort in a private home living and security. The market offers a wide range of products. They have a different design, made of various materials, as well as different ways to open and close. To increase the strength and reliability of some of the products have to spend . What to look for when choosing a gate, so that they meet your expectations?

Key Selection Criteria

Often, as a mater for the manufacture of gates use wood, and metal decking. Wooden gates are suitable for both classical and modern. This environmentally friendly material, which is easy to process, therefore it makes it possible to produce products of any construction and design. There is one drawback - a fire hazard.

Metal construction is very reliable and practical. They have a beautiful appearance and high durability figures. Gates are often blind folds, and it gives them the desired shape and size. Often decorated with wrought ironwork details, but then the price of such models has grown significantly. Their disadvantage is the high weight, which complicates the process of installation.

The gate of corrugated board is most often used for the protection of country houses. Constructions of this material have an attractive appearance. Variety of colors allows you to choose the, that is suitable to your design.

Owners of private houses often choose revolving and sliding doors (recoiling) model. The advantage of swing gates is, that they can be opened separately from the gate. They are easy to install, therefore it is sufficient to establish strong hinges and hang them on gates. To work well, enough times a year to lubricate hinges. Choosing this type of design, consider, that in order to open them you need a lot of space. If it is not, better to give preference sliding design. It should be noted, that they are much more difficult to install them, as well as take care of them.