Stages of cleaning after repair

Dust, dirt and trash — integral satellites of any repair. And cleaning not only requires considerable effort, but also unhealthy. How to protect your health, about this we will tell.

After-construction cleaning consists of ambiguous procedures. These may include (and for previously negotiated):

  • Removal of trash and repair marks not only in the apartment, but also, eg, in the entrance, or in the surrounding area.
  • Window cleaning, walls and ceilings. Dry and wet cleaning using special chemistry, to remove stains and marks, gently return clean glass without damage. All associated elements are cleared - frames, skirting boards, sockets, slopes.
  • Cleaning communications - ventilation and heating systems, air conditioning equipment. Dust falls into any gorges., especially in equipment. Therefore, it is worth sending all systems for cleaning., that were on the ground during repair and construction work.
  • Furniture cleaning, which was exposed to dust. Furnishings are very dusty.. Then they become peddlers at once. Thorough processing and dry cleaning of furniture will help protect the body from harmful interference.
  • Bathroom cleaning, even if the dust during operation touched them.
  • To protect health during the restoration of buildings from waste and dust, safety precautions. Necessary measures:

    • special equipment;
    • carefully selected cleaning agents;
    • auxiliary tools.

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