It completed the next object

Construction company "Glavstroy" finished construction of tank farms. When designing experts entity performs elective surgery and provided trouble-free plant operation, ensuring the efficiency of its operation and safety of the environment. The work held on the subsequent circuit:

  • design and preparation of estimates;

  • ground survey;

  • conclusion of a contract;

  • building construction;

  • commissioning works;

  • spring-cleaning.

Employees comply with SNIP and other operation rules. Weekly sent out photos and video reports. On the oil tank farm was given warranty period 5 years unlimited warranty service. The customer was satisfied with the work done! To view the complete information about the construction of industrial buildings and leave the application can be on a page.


The company "Glavstroy" predstavyaet construction services, reconstruction and repair of personal, commercial, industrial, agricultural and other facilities. Operational performance of works. The company is well-proven in the market of Voronezh, Lipetsk, Kursk and Belgorod regions. Completed projects are presented on the website.


Construction company «Glavstroy»

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