selection of plants. What not to do with the purchase of seeds and seedlings

By purchasing in a store or ordering for spring plants for the garden, gardeners often too addicted. Indeed, so eager to plant something new, and promotional photos are beautiful! What mistakes should be avoided, to avoid "stepping on a rake"?

Does not take into account features of the site

planting plants, requirements which are contrary to the criteria of his garden (eg, peach in the suburbs or evergreen rhododendron in the open field with the clay soil), summer visitor signs up for the hardest continuous work. soil Changeling, regular special dressing, shelter for the winter… but just not listed! And yet the result, Alas, It is far from perfect.

The main backbone of the garden should be stable in your criteria for species and varieties, and for horticultural tests is not necessary take up too much space. Think, Do go for the southern fruit in the store is not the best, and to admire the exotic flowers in the botanical garden? Innovation – exciting thing, but seriously rely on plants, which have the ability at any time to die, or are unlikely to look healthy and beautiful, at least unwise.

create spontaneously

«buy, Officials, and only later we shall understand!» – thought by many gardeners. And as a result the obligation to process the mountains summer, perishable apples in the absence of winter, then give away relatives compotes and jams, the tenth time to alter flower beds and bushes transplanted, and sometimes even save the already grown plants from the construction and laying of tracks.

A reasonable division of the territory and reflection Constructio Technology­Islands and communications on land development step, as well as careful planning necessary for a family of fruit trees, berry bushes and garden plants (taking into account their productivity) free you from such problems. Go to the garden center without a list of plants that you require, which already coined landing place, We strongly advise you to!

Collect seeds of flowers. How to save on planting?

Do not take the future into account the size of the plants

Looking at modest apple-twig same age or 20-cm pot in a herringbone, it is very difficult to imagine the powerful trees, which of them will grow. It makes you want to buy more seedlings and plant them densely! But if we are talking about a fruit tree, the present needs in the light and power – pledge and the coming harvest, and health, and longevity. On apple in the criteria of overcrowding is best to grow harmful fungi, instead of apples! Fruits are obtained as small, ugly and more acidic, than they should on a grade. decorative plants, «zadushennыe» neighbors, also look much worse, than they could, and often suffer from diseases and pests.

Rational distance for planting fruit, small fruit and vegetable crops, indicated in garden literature, – the result of long-term research. Do not ignore them, Do not reinvent the great: if you follow the recommendations, the harvest will be bigger and better! Dimensions of ornamental trees and shrubs can also be found in books and on the Internet. But note: in many cultures (especially coniferous) directory indicates not the largest size tree or bush, and its approximate dimensions in the age of 10. But this does not mean, that later they will slow their own growth. Estimate, «dwarf» or «Munich» It will be acquired by herringbone, the easiest way of its annual growth: if, for example, top each year grows by 30 cm, the growth of 10-year-old tree is at least 3–4 m.

Брать где попало

Плодовые деревья, обретенные на стихийных рынках и у частников, often not enough winter-hardy (because they were brought from the southern regions of the country, where they are cheaper to grow) and also does not appropriate the claimed variety. Unscrupulous sellers often expensively colors slip trusting cottagers cheap and vserasprostranennye grade (shining example – «lily tree»), or simply weeds.

Roads and markets is better to take a flower seedlings and other ornamental plants. In addition, these, you can immediately see the in all its glory. any plants (and especially fruit trees), compliance with which the claimed variety, you can find out at once, but only a few years, You must be purchased only credible nurseries and garden cents­rah or have use authority privateers.

Blindly believe in advertising

«Superpredlozheniya», designed for naive truckers, in abundance in every year (examples: Strawberry Raspberry, miracle fruit momordica, blueberries forte Sunberry, Terry kalistegiya etc.. P.). But most of the newly acquired high prices of new products does not justify expectations.

Even if traders are very convincing – перед покупкой стоит ещё разок помыслить! In fact bolshinst­in plants, about which so loudly shout advertisers, known ever since the king of peas. And the fact that they do not like in our gardens, justified by objective reasons: or low resistance, or the, they are ugly or banal fruits are tasteless, and even weeds are trudnoiskorenimye. Presently, in the age of smartphones and ubiquitous access to the web, found on the web reviews as, who has tried to raise them, It can be in minutes – even standing with a sacred pot in the hands of the middle of the garden center.

Personal experience. How to grow unusual varieties of vegetables usual?

Do the basic rate on gifts from neighbors

Usually grant the, not sorry. That is, to grow rapidly, and sometimes very brutal plants, with which the gift recipient very well and later have to fight. Acquire thus promising new products and cultures slozhnorazmnozhaemymi, most likely, will not work.

Completely abandon the friendly exchange is not necessary: because all purchased from plant neighbors have already proven their stability in your criteria, Yes, and their flowers or fruits, you can see firsthand. But the most valuable specimens still better to buy. It is also useful to learn «advanced» breeding methods, for example, cuttings and grafting. Then the list of, than can be exchanged, markedly expand.