Selection and use of smooth and corrugated metal reinforcement

In the design and construction of buildings and steel structures necessary to understand the main differences between the types of fittings are to, to select products suitable for solving existing problems.

The particular type of reinforcement in the construction is determined by its properties and is regulated by corresponding GOSTs.

The main distinguishing feature of the steel reinforcement - is its profile, it can be smooth or discontinuously deposited with notches.

Reinforcement of class A1 - smooth rods, diameter 6-40 mm. It used in the manufacture of metal frames and meshes for ferro-concrete products. Perhaps the connection reinforcement bars by electric welding. This reinforcement class has high values ​​of tensile elongation at its, high plasticity, resistance to low temperatures. Basic steels, used in its production: St3kp, St3ps and St3sp.
Valves A2 class - periodic profile rods, diameter 10-80 mm. Basic steels, used in its production: St5sp, St5ps and 18G2S.
Class A3 Armature - periodic profile rods, diameter 6-40 mm. The main application in industrial and civil construction. steel grade, used in the production: 35GS, 25G2S and 32G2Rps, A400, A500S. Fastening rod is allowed when using reinforcement electrowelded steel labeled “FROM”.
Class A4 Armature - periodic profile rods. steel grade, used in the production of bars with a diameter of 10-18 mm: 80FROM. For rods with a diameter of 10-32 mm – 20KhG2Ts. The main feature of this class of fittings, as reinforcement A5 and A6 classes, - is the ability to use as a tendon reinforced concrete structures.
A5 class Armature - periodic profile rods. Tendon diameter of 6-32 mm. steel grade, The manufacturing rods of this class: 23Kh2G2T (AT800). Generally this reinforcement used in reinforced concrete structures, designed for covering large spans.
A6 class Armature - periodic profile rods. Tendon diameter of 6-32 mm. steel grade, The manufacturing rods of this class: 22X2G2AJu, 22H2G2R and 20H2G2SR.

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In the concrete and reinforcement similar performance thermal expansion modules, however building structure with temperature variation, less, subject to internal stresses. Concrete and reinforcement work in reinforced concrete products "in concert", having the same parameters increase and decrease the linear dimensions. Sovystvo This enables the rigidity and strength of the whole structure, prevent the possible development of microcracks, are dangerous operationally and may eventually cause the destruction of a building structure elements.

Thickness (diameter) and the amount of reinforcement rods for reinforcing foundations and floors chosen based on the requirements for the relative content of the working reinforcement - sectional area of ​​the reinforcing elements on the longitudinal cut should be at least 0,1% ( according to the SNIP 52-01-2003 "Concrete and reinforced concrete structures"). Это означает, that the reinforcement area relative to the total sectional area of ​​the foundation (to the cross-sectional area) should be related to how 0,001 to 1.

Depending on the destination, Fittings are manufactured from various grades of steel, They use different production technology. In this regard, for rebars possible indication of the following alphanumeric designations:

T - fitting construction thermally hardened;
The fittings - reinforced hood;
With fittings - designed for welding;
By - fittings, resistant to corrosion.

We draw your attention to the letter "C" in the selection of reinforcing bars. Application of reinforcement with this label allows electric welding skeletons. When applying another preferred reinforcement and reliably perform fixing rods viscous, via a special soft binding wire or special anchorages.

Additional parameters of reinforcing bar, you need to consider when choosing a:

armature manufacturing Type - armature can be hot rolled rod, cable and cold rolled wire.
The operating principle of reinforcement in reinforced concrete products (Teeth) - fittings can be prestressed and Free of tension.
Appointment fittings - fittings can be mounting, ankernoy, working and building distribution.
Respectively, prestressing steel to be used in the hollow core slab, mounting hardware should be used in concrete bearing device skeletons, anchoring reinforcement - in the manufacture of elements and fasteners etc..

Usually, in the design and estimate documentation for the project as much detail specifications are used rebar.