Choosing a railing for stairs

Look at Openwork tree on IZ balusters, ornate wrought pattern on the handrail or handrail gloss chrome, I can not help recalling the name of the architectural styles. Staircase though is a functional construction for lowering and lifting between floors, but it is the most noticeable piece of furniture. This construction makes the dynamics of the architecture of the buildings and makes the design much more diverse.

materials, used for everything stair railings, countless. The most popular include concrete, glass, metal and wood. The first is used for the construction of monolithic structures, continuous display of fences and handrails. In a more concrete form the decorative occurs in the curly baluster - separate racks with the shape of bodies of revolution. To increase the strength of each element is reinforced with metal rods. In architecture, sculpted concrete railing decorated facades of old buildings, parks, balcony railings. Today, these elements adorn the street ladders, in classic style.

Composite casting - a modern version of the monumental and pomposity. The constituent elements of a railing made based on light, durable materials, by which creates a variety of designs. They have excellent application properties - do not corrode, rot, operated at a wide temperature range.

Art kovkaDerevo is a suitable material for the creation of an environment with a "history", giving the feeling cozy and lived-in homes. Even simply decorated rectangular fence larch stands will bring to the interior a special charm. Railings made of different density hardwood. They can be painted in any color, tinted by exotic varieties and artificially "wear". Wood is more suitable for indoor use. For such a material is undesirable humidity variations - it begins to buckle and break.

stair railings, made from laminated or hardened glass, strong enough and safe. Such a material is an essential attribute style Hi-Tech - architectural direction, in which all the details of the situation are subject to a functional purpose. Minimal use of decor offset by "playing" on the invoice materials. For Hi-Tech inherent structural openness and complex structuring of space. This style is used not only in residential interiors. stairs, framed glass enclosures, look harmonious with concrete and metal, so often used in the construction of office and shopping centers.

Narrative kovkaNerzhaveyuschaya steel - favored material modern architects. Design details durable and lightweight, good "folded" into simple geometric shapes. Stainless steel is often found in industrial architecture objects. It is not only reliable and durable material, but also emphasizes the high status of the institution. This material has been successfully used in the regeneration of buildings of any purpose. Today's manufacturers offer different types of stainless steel with a mirror, matt, perforated or painted surface.

Eternal luxury and strength banisters
elegant Gothic, magnificent baroque or rococo sophisticated - all styles, involves the use of wrought iron railings. Such fences look exclusively, from them emanates the aroma of authenticity.

Plasticity of forged metal gives ample opportunities for realization of creative ideas. Openwork floral pattern or a strict geometric pattern organically fit into the interior in the Baroque or Art Nouveau.

Metal railings are characterized by high durability and reliability. In the process of forging quality steel is improved significantly - compacted structure, increased carbon content, article acquires greater strength. Easy "spider" metal, Fill the fence around the perimeter, See the original and does not conflict with safety standards. Forged railing suitable for use both indoors, and outside. To protect against corrosion, they are covered by special trains, gives the product an original appearance, without hiding the metal texture. Free forging presents a tremendous opportunity for interior and exterior of buildings. Due to the high adaptability to any configurations, You can be given a different angle of bending and to produce various types of structures.

Stained Glass, faceted and colored glass will be exquisite decoration forged handrail, regardless of their architectural style. Such a solution significantly transform the interior, become a bright accent in the decoration of the house. wrought metal, edged inserts of colored glass, speakers give any environment. When exposed to light at the stained-glass window, it comes alive, beautifully shimmering rainbow colors.

Art kovkaVozrodit former pomp possible by casting, performed based on various raw material - iron, copper, brass, aluminum bronze or. These stair railings look monumentally. They adequately complement the magnificent interior decoration, emphasizing the bright individuality home owner.

Beauty handrails for stairs in combination with the use of
Safety and functionality - no less important factors, influencing the design of the stair railings. Railings protect people from falling when moving stairs. Important, so that they fit the height of the, and their design meets the safety requirements of GOST: the distance between the handrail and steps is not less than 90 cm, between racks - 15 cm, between the step and the lower longitudinal element - 10 cm. If there are children in the house of the fence can be "deaf" and to add a second rail, securing it at the height of 50 cm - 70 cm. Railing of the struts in this case recommended to have in the region 10 cm, stage and a lower longitudinal element - 2 cm.

the rail line directly affects the ease of movement of the stairs. safer, если такой элемент присутствует на протяжении всей длины конструкции, не прерывается, имеет форму шириной 5,5 cm - 8,5 см и закругленные края. Дерево для изготовления поручней предпочтительнее. Оно теплее и приятнее на ощупь. Металлические поручни прочные, долговечные, но холодные ….

Сегодня лестницу можно выполнить в любом цвете. При выборе следует учитывать общее стилевое оформление интерьера и его освещенность. Лестница может быть оформлена в тон дверей и окон, отличаться на полтона или иметь полностью противоположный цвет. Все зависит от того, нужно ли визуально соединить данное сооружение с пространством дома или обособить.

Специалисты рекомендуют рационально использовать ширину лестницы. Но при этом следует учитывать, чтобы ее величина не мешала удобному перемещению. Ширина проступи должна быть не менее 30 cm, а высота подступени — 17 – 19 cm. Разобраться в тонкостях строительства лестниц простому обывателю довольно трудно. Разумнее обратиться к профессионалам.

В основе правильного выбора дизайна лестничных ограждений лежит комплексный подход. Перила должны отвечать требованиям функциональности, надежности и удобности, а их внешний вид гармонировать с окружающим пространством. С этой точки зрения изделия, выполненные методом горячей ручной ковки, дают самое широкое поле для деятельности. Они сочетаются со всеми строительными материалами, позволяют создавать законченные художественные композиции, независимо от стилевой направленности. Кованые перила обладают неограниченным сроком эксплуатации и, как ничто другое, подчеркивают индивидуальность обстановки.