In the sand and sawdust. 33 council, how to keep their crops until the New Year

Grown and harvested crop secured? Experts "AIF" share secrets, how to keep it for a long time and has its, natural.


■ In the box, wherein stored potatoes, place 3-4 apple: because the tubers will not germinate.

■ Instead of apples, you can use the leaves of mountain ash – on 5 kg of tubers is quite a handful of leaves.

■ «Optimal storage of potatoes black place at a temperature of 5-10°With – choose wood boxes, canvas bags or termopogreba», – ведает way. head of the department of higher plants biological faculty of Moscow State University Vladimir Murashev.


■ carrots dolezhit Before New Year… в песке. So there are not bred nasty insects, ignited sand on the griddle.

■ Instead of sand may be well-dried onion skins or wood (best coniferous) sawdust. Per kilogram of carrots need to 2-3 cup «filler».

■ Worst of all stored carrots, collected from a bed in hot weather. Her eat in the first place, and there, that gathered in the cold, Food.

■ Sprigs of mint in boxes with carrots posodeystvuyut last stay fresh longer.

frost, sushim, pickle. How to save the carrots collection, beets and eggplant


■ Place the beets on a bed of potatoes.

■ «Prokalonnogo mixture of sand and chalk pounded help keep the beets forever, – says biologist Stepan Yakovlev, – but this method does not help, If you use a plastic bag: Vegetables, that beet, carrots, suffocated. required box, boxes or clay containers».


■ Let the cabbage plugs are not in contact with each other: put them away despite the fact that to 1 cm – eg, on the windowsill.

■ It is hung cabbage for kozheryzhki. But not a lot of people will be able to find this pretty space.

■ Wrap each fork in the food wrap and store in the balcony: this is the only vegetable, which is not zagniot from such treatment.


■ long-term storage only fruit with thick skins (you read the description of varieties grown).

■ Do pumpkins leave very long storage, to 20 cm, spine.

■ Keep them on a windowsill: 18 best temperature°C and dry, but the pumpkin in the refrigerator will be bad.

Pumpkin hits. What are the most precocious varieties, seasoning, savory?


■ «In pears, for storage, do not tear off the stalk, – recommends Stepan Yakovlev, – so they will lie a little longer».

■ As with apples, It can be wrapped pears in toilet paper and put in boxes.

■ Another method: «bury» pears in a box with sand prokalonnym. Make, so that the fruits do not touch.

■ Place the pears in layers in a box or drawer (always with access to air, laying between layers of straw.


■ People's recipe: smesiz necessary to prepare the egg white, salts and gelatin. Dip into it every fruit and allow to dry pomidorinam. So they are kept for six months.

■ Another national method: sterilized three-liter jar filled with sturdy tomatoes and covered with dry mustard powder, closing the top of the parchment.

Biologist Vladimir Murashev the least optimistic: «Store tomatoes so long pointless – after a couple of weeks in their little remains of nutrients. Better to take the greenhouse and do not take up space».

With grapes and garlic. Recipes blanks savory tomato

Onion and garlic

■ Make holes in the food film, wrap each head separately and fold in the refrigerator, in the vegetable compartment.

■ Onions perfectly stored buried in sand. Heads need to dig vertically.

■ garlic heads can be treated with paraffin (from melted candles) and put in the cellar or on the balcony.

■ Great dried onion and garlic in well-kept apartment in a wicker basket.

■ If the room is dry, pour the onion and garlic husk: it will not give them to dry, and if wet – ash or wood shavings, periodically changing «filler». Ash and dust will absorb any excess water.

Zucchini and eggplant

■ Keep a variety with a thick skin and small seeds.

■ Be sure to remove the zucchini for storage until frost, on the other they are not long prolezhat.

■ Do not store overripe squash – the taste will deteriorate.

■ «Tail» zucchini for long-term storage – at least 5 cm, the length of the vegetable – From 15 to 45 cm. Do not take a very small and very large fruit.

■ Use old pantyhose: put in each stocking according to one courgettes and suspend in dry.

■ Keep the squash under the bed, just before that wrap each food in several layers of paper.

Eggplant zucchini against. What is useful and when they should have?


■ Take the recent, seasoning varieties. Wrap each apple with toilet paper and fold the layers in a cardboard box.

■ «bury» apples in onion skins and sawdust so, so that the fruit does not come into contact with each other.

■ An exotic way to – apple dip into the molten wax. They will lie to the subsequent spring, but, when you want to eat fruit, the skin will have to clean off.

■ It is best to store apples, that after the removal of the tree lying 4-5 days cool.

■ Store only removed from the tree apples: все упавшие необходимо съесть. Иначе одно подпорченное яблоко станет предпосылкой порчи всех.


■ Перед тем, как вы сложите плоды для хранения, их НЕЛЬЗЯ мыть! «Поверхность плодов покрыта тончайшим природным воском, – разъясняет Владимир Мурашев. – Он обладает эффектом природного антисептика и консерванта, It prevents penetration of oxygen into the. If you wash the fruit with a rag or protrote, the wax is broken – in this case, the rapid deterioration can not be avoided».

■ If you keep picking on the balcony, проверяйте температуру: когда ночью будет меньше -10°With, все запасы нужно будет занести внутрь.

■ Самый старенькый и надёжный, но довольно экзотичный метод сохранить плоды вплоть до следующей весныобмазать их поштучно водянистой глинойи высушить.

■ Если вы отыскали подпорченный овощ в коробке, где храните плоды, немедля выбрасывайте его, а хранящиеся рядом пускайте в дело: длительно лежать они, Alas, уже не сумеют.