Construction of buildings from easy hardware

Considered technology of light metal buildings can significantly reduce the mass of the building, reduce its cost, reduce the time of installation and the possibility of errors during the installation work. The customer can even carry out installation of the building on its own, without resorting to the services of specialized organizations, in the presence of the project and detailed installation instructions. Frame buildings of light metal is formed of special types of cold-formed galvanized “sigma profiles”. Lightweight frames reminiscent of a series of designers “Do It yourself”. Parts of the structure are collected bolted, that allows installation even in the open field.

The advantage of light metal structures, making this technology attractive for buildings is based on the merits of the technology. First of all, It is necessary to emphasize the low cost (benefit approximately forty percent as compared with a metal frame of welded elements). Second, high mounting workability, since the device of the compounds bolt eliminates the need for highly skilled welder and inspection of welded joints. Nodes are assembled from prefabricated elements of quality assured supplier. It will be appreciated important circumstance – the possibility of dismantling the structures, without losing their properties and reassembly when changing project or transfer of the whole building.

Fast and relatively easy assembly of structures made of prefabricated elements of high prefabrication reduces the time of the civil works, and is a factor, which is hard to overestimate. And, to reduce the time not only affects the ease of installation of light metal structures, but also an opportunity to substantially reduce zero cycle of construction of buildings, using less massive foundations. Lightweight frame can be installed even on point foundations, or just on the concreted base. Weight structural elements is much lower, than that of conventional steel structures of the hot-rolled or welded sections, not to mention the facilities with other traditional building technologies – brick and concrete building.

Many manufacturers of light metal structures deliver them to the customer with an excellent and long-lasting corrosion protection based on zinc coating, applied to the modern equipment in the factory. The use of galvanized steel in all carriers and the fastening elements provides a unique carcass corrosion resistance bearing structures and their turnover.

The use of light metal constructions possible to cover spans from 6 before 24 meters. Thin-walled profiles make it possible to achieve perfect strength characteristics of load-bearing frame of the building with a minimum weight of structures themselves.

As walling conventionally used corrugated galvanized steel sheet, protected coated, or they may be made of wall and roof panels of “Sandwich” different types of. Using panels “Sandwich” It combines the economic advantages of a light frame and perfect quality walling, a wide range of panels of different thicknesses, It allows you to expand the scope of use of production projects.