Modern high-speed construction methods

Many of us try to do the construction of the most expensive, inexpensively. However, not all of it is possible to make quality, although it is quite possible. Dawa yte consider in more detail the construction of modern methods of high-speed.

Прежде всего, you can very well save money and get a good quality using thermal efficiency units, the company offers . They present two concrete layers, and between them is applied to a special layer of styrofoam, whose thickness attain to the level 10 cm. Everything is reunited or sealed rods made of fiberglass. When erecting such building blocks, can form unsightly seams, but they can be repaired with a special solution. As a result, the wall can turn, identical in appearance to concrete.

experts estimate, build a wall that can be of TEPLOBLOK 20 times faster, than similar bricks. Thus it will fit thermal efficiency 5m in thickness of the brick wall, and the money will cost 1,5 times cheaper.

The technology of monolithic construction of the house can greatly accelerate the construction of buildings, having a small number of storeys. Held together with the foundation of the house of reinforced concrete frame provides durability and reliability. Also in this house there is an open plan, which improves the living conditions.

Also lower the cost of construction can be achieved, I am using frame technology, which has a Canadian place of origin. With this method of construction, structural thickness is very small, whereby the lower cost is achieved and. As a basis frame stands, built of wood, which is filled with a soft insulation.

There is also the popular European version. He is the use of wall sandwich panels, which are already prepared for construction.

However, there are other options for high-speed and low-cost construction. They can be found, referring to the highly skilled, which for a long time engaged in construction.