metal strip: types and application

the steel strip is cold-rolled or hot-rolled profile, made of various grades of low-alloy, or structural carbon steel. It is a versatile and very common in metal Belarus, widely used:

in the manufacture of furniture for home and office;
in the manufacture of various metal and wrought products, including fences;
in cars- and aircraft;
while laying communications;
in civil and industrial buildings, etc..
Besides, metal strip is widely used in the production of U-sections and angles, various cutting tools. it can be used if necessary for plugging holes in the pipes and other metal products. The band has a high flexibility, after applying the zinc coating acquires an increased resistance to corrosion. It endures humidity fluctuations and air temperature, is designed for a lifetime of at least 20 years.

The popularity of the steel strip owes its high strength characteristics and durability of products. From the steel strip for general applications produce various kinds of metal profiles and (corners, channels), springs, nuts, jumper, tubular preform, cutting tools (knives, incisors), Lining.

The strip is conveniently processed on bending machines. It can take almost any, often the most unusual forms of. Thanks to this particular metal strips are widely used for the manufacture of decorative elements decoration of building facades.

For the production of steel strip using a method of hot or cold rolling. The starting material protrudes conventional carbon steel quality, high quality alloy steel and carbon. Depending on the material properties of the used steel strips were distinguished by categories and marks. Brand starting material defined purpose of the steel strip and meets all requirements of GOST. For example, tool steels correspond to GOST 1435-99, GUEST 5950-2000 and GOST 19265-73 ( alloyed, high-speed steel and carbon steel). Structural steels correspond to GOST 535-88, 380-94, GUEST 1050-88, GUEST 4543-71 (ordinary quality, alloy and carbon).

By precision rolling steel strip can be divided into two categories:

increased (class B);
normal (In class).
The thickness and width of the steel strip will depend upon customer requirements ( thickness up to 3,9 mm inclusive, minimum width 500 mm). The length will depend on the purpose of the strip (measuring, off-gage length and the short measuring) and the starting material manufacturing: it can be carbon steel of ordinary quality, quality carbon and alloy steel from 2 mm 6 m, low-alloyed and phosphor from the steel strip 3 to 10 m. On request, the steel strip can be manufactured in sheet or roll embodiment.

In "Aksvil" company you can buy a metal strip made of steel "Article. 3», width up to 200 mm and more, segments of 6 m. In the presence of streaks, produced cold-rolled way.