From white to oil. What mushrooms are the most tasty

Even kids are easily trained to distinguish these wonderful fungi from all others.

Ведает Professional and experienced mushroom mycologist Michael Wisniewski.

Porcini (normal, birch, pine)

Cap the white fungus is often brown in different colors, but birch can be pure white, and a pine purple cast. Tubes and pores on the lower surface of the first white hats (the white pine with a pronounced red-brown), then turn yellow, and in older mushrooms are greenish-yellow.

leg fat, with snow-white mesh on a light brown background (a pine of white mesh reddish-brown to reddish-brown background). White fungi coexist with many forest trees.

Dried white fungus. According to the classics should be dried only young white mushrooms with more white (instead of yellowish or greenish) layer tubes. With proper drying of the white color is preserved, and cap remains flexible.

Before the production, dried mushrooms have to clean out the dust, of net fill with cold water and soak for 6–10 hours (possible for the night).

healing properties. Food fresh or dried young white cep tubular layer possess anti-inflammatory and tonic effect.

where to find: ale, Pine, Birch, oak.

Фото: From personal archive / Mike Wisniewski

there are double!

gall mushroom: non-toxic, but unbearably bitter taste. One copy hopelessly spoil a whole pot of white mushrooms. Not to be mistaken, Views on the side of the mushroom nyzhnyuyu (with age, the pores turn pink) or lick a piece.

special recipe: Mask smoothing traces of acne, acne, varicella.

The flesh of the young white mushrooms grind to a pulp, на каждые 3 ст. add a spoon 2 h. tablespoons olive oil. Apply on face, hide top of clean cloth with slits for the eyes and nose and a film with such slots. Wash off after 20 minute. Repeats every day from 7 Days.

orange-cap boletus (red and yellow-brown)

In aspen grow their hats Vivid – from orange to peach-pink, and in the birch dressed in inconspicuous yellow or orange-brown hats. Ducts and pores at the bottom side white or gray. Leg with white, reddish, brownish or black scales.

where to find: Birch, aspen.

Фото: From personal archive / Mike Wisniewski


Hat brown colors. Tubes and pores on the underside of white, age sereyut. Flesh firm, but with age rapidly becomes loose and spongy, white, color on the cut does not change or slightly turns pink. leg white, greyish or brown, with dark scales.

where to find: Birch.

Фото: From personal archive / Mike Wisniewski

Aspen or pickled podberozoviki

Structure: mushrooms. Marinade: water – 2 l, vinegar essence (80%-naya) – 30 ml, salt – 400 g, sugar – 100 g, Bay leaf – 10 шт., fragrant pepper – 20 peas.

making: fungi separate the legs from hats, thick legs cut in half povdol. Pour boiling water and leave for 5 minute. water drain, Mushrooms washed in cold water colander.

In water, add all the ingredients of the marinade, bring to a boil and turn off. to sleep after a few minutes of cooking the mushrooms and cook over medium heat 10–15 minute. Decomposed into jars and pour the marinade. Do not roll, store in a cool place.

Polish mushrooms

Hat on dark- or bright brown to chestnut-brown. Tubes and pores on the underside of the cap pale dirty yellow with a green tint, when pressed turn blue. The pulp from the white to pale-yellow. leg brown, at the top more yellowish, when pressed turns blue, then turns brown. The dishes are often not inferior in taste and smell of the white fungus, very adequately behave in drying.

where to find: ale, Pine, lime, oak.

Фото: From personal archive / Mike Wisniewski

mushrooms, canned

Structure: young white or Polish mushrooms. Brine for cooking – 1 л воды, salt – 20 g. fill: 1 л воды, salt – 10 g.

making: mushrooms in a colander rinse and boil until tender, removing the foam, until they sink to the bottom. Discard on dushrlag, decomposed into prepared jars and pour the filling on 1,5 cm below the neck, cover with prepared lids. pasteurize: banks capacity 0,5 l – 70 minute, 1 l – 90 minute, immediately after which the cork and cool at room temperature. Store in a cool place.

Mokhovikov (Suillus variegatus)

Hat yellow or ocher-brown, with brownish flakes and narrow edge, velvety, dry. The flesh is yellowish, the cut typically is blue. The tubular layer of bottom cap snuffy, brown tube. Leg grayish-yellow, sometimes with a reddish color. It prefers sandy soils.

where to find: Pine, kraya.

Фото: From personal archive / Mike Wisniewski

Suillus yellow and grainy

Cap yellow-brown or chocolate, sometimes with purple tinge, from time to time with age yellowing, adhesively-slimy or shiny. The flesh of a snow-white or yellowish. The tubular layer of white, pale yellow or yellow. Young yellow oil the bottom of the cap is covered with snow-white sticky veil, leg over the ring of snow-white, below pale yellowish. In a tubular lubricator granular layer allocates drops milky white juice, no ring, yellow foot, with small brown scales.

Boletus recognized soft, vodyanystoy myakotyu, so dry they were not accepted, as Mokhovikov. Peel oil in lipkaya. If you start to take it, you can just lose control, More and hands become black. But if you omit the mushrooms for 2–3 minute in boiling salted water with acid Limonova (2 d of 1 l), and then immediately rinse with cold water, the skin is easy to remove. Young Mokhovikov and butter mushrooms can be frozen without boiling.

where to find: Pine.

Фото: From personal archive / Mike Wisniewski

oil, marinated with honey

Structure: on 2 l boiled oils: salt – 1 ст. a spoon, honey – 1 h. a spoon, vinegar (9%-ny) – 100–150 ml, Bay leaf – 1 thing, black pepper – 5–6 peas, carnation – 2–3 button.

making: cap oil peel, cut off the lower part of the stalk, clear of debris. Wash in running water and boil for three 15 minute, each time one hundred percent changing the water and washing mushrooms. In the fourth time to pour into castes­ryulyu water on the finger above the level of fungi, add the components of the marinade and boil on minimum heat 1 time. Pour the mushrooms with the marinade into sterile jars, roll up, to turn and wrap up in a blanket to cool. Store no more than six months in a cool place.

Dubovik (poddubnik)

Hat olive-yellow-brown, from time to time with an orange or pink hue. Tubules on a cut yellowish, pores red to orange. The flesh is yellow (in a hat yellowish-white), on the cut slightly turning blue. Leg with a reddish mesh yellowish-reddish background.

culinary processing: recommended for all kinds of. The drying Dubovik somewhat inferior to the snow-white, and salted and marinated no. Stain broth in a terrible cyan; this should not be afraid.

where to find: oak.

Фото: From personal archive / Mike Wisniewski

there are double!

Satanic fungus can be distinguished from a respectable Dubovik of whitish or grayish hat.