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Septic Tapas used to date for the purpose of convenient maintenance sewer holiday cottages and houses. Wastewater tested two stage cleaning: mechanical and biological.
What method works, "Tapas"
The design consists of a container made of polypropylene with a roof, which is divided into chambers, where gradual clearing passes. The main part of the device - receiver, which is made of bio cleaning microorganisms. organic matter breaks, disinfected and converted into yl.
C to separate the larger part of the fractions present in this special filter. The water is pumped aeroten. When filling the aeration chamber lifts the dirt above the water level. Airlifts direct all, that is located in a compartment, in 3 camera. Further yl aerotena sent from the bottom of the compartment stabilizer.
The final purification of waste water takes place in the third and fourth chamber. At the end, the clarified water is fed into the ground, in the vessel or filtration column.
Septic Topas effective only when performed without fail conditions. The action of the equipment is based on the activity of anaerobic microbes, why it requires: the temperature is above zero degrees, unchanging flow of oxygen, continuous power.
Various modifications to the equipment
device models differ in the number of people, which is calculated by the system and the depth of laying the necessary equipment. Number of persons, They can use the septic tank, denoted by numerals 1 to 150. options, who designed more than 100 Man, hold 2-hull structures.
There are the following options in depth laying equipment:
1. The classic model — "Reference".
2. Design with a longish neck — "Long".
3. With stronger body and neck extension function — "Long Board».
Standard design set in the regions, where there is a warm climate. In Siberia, it is recommended to install a model with a neck.
advantages of installation
Main advantage of septic tanks Tapas http://septic - reliable cleansing on 99%. In the midst of other important advantages distinguish the subsequent installation:
• The equipment takes up little space. There will be no need for an additional plot of soil aftertreatment.
• No noise during operation.
• The system does not transmit unwanted odor.
• Easy to use, Service and Installation. Can be on their own to remove sludge.
• Normal, time-tested system.
• Several types of equipment allows you to purchase a septic tank required performance.
Wastewater, going through all the compartments septic tank, They will be cleared on 99%. As a result, they are not dangerous for the surrounding nature.