As far as the heat in the framework of modular homes?

Prefab modular homes have many advantages: they are rapidly and easily assembled, look good, at a cost they are much more accessible, than, eg, stone or log. They are built of durable material, — metal or wood — and the walls are filled with thermal insulators. Previously, builders used clay to improve energy efficiency, porous stone, and new insulating materials are currently used. Walls and sealed windows with energy-saving glazing perfectly retain warmth even in extreme cold.

Whereby the frame modular homes warm?

Heat preservation is ensured by the use of modern heat insulators and special methods of frame plating, которые вполне исключают наличие щелей и других изъянов. Well keep heat allows a very popular insulation, like a stone (bazaltovaya) mineral wool, which is produced in plates or mats of various thickness. It is considered environmentally friendly material, It gives good thermal insulation, It has high flame retardancy.

«the walls of the house depends on the thermal conductivity of rock wool thickness. For example, 20 centimeters of insulation in the form of stone wool will keep the heat as well, as 60 cm solid wood or one meter of aerated concrete», — explains the production manager of a large construction company Anatoly Ruzhin.

It is also used as a thermal insulator polyurethane foam (PPU), but its drawback is, that in case of fire it releases a pungent toxic smoke.

Do not cheap cost heating of the house?

absence of drafts, slots, the so called «thermal bridges» — huge advantages such housing. In the framework of a modular house walls have never blows cold and dampness, as the frame and a heater in it are well protected even and tight skin: various sheet material, for example, density wood or cement particle board, vodostoykoy veneered, gypsum boards etc.. d. Thanks to a good energy-saving qualities of housing built on this technology does not require a significant investment in the heating system. Despite the small wall thickness, frame modular home is not inferior to the warmth of the brick.

«quite convectors, an electric or gas boiler. Basically, for heating can be used conventional heating systems. Timber frame house very warm, as they heat up quickly and slowly give off heat. You can turn on the heating and, when the room is well-warmed, subtract it. Such houses are very well save heat», — says Ruzhin.