metal forging in antiquity

Archaeological research found, the first product, made hand-forged, были, usually, decoration items. The oldest of the found gold jewelry made about 8000 years ago. Later, they began to forge products from native silver, copper and iron meteor. However, these metals are so rare, that they could not make one necessary at the time of production tools, household items and weapons. metals era has come later, when man learned to melt, casting and forging their.

copper forging, native iron served as one of the main ways of processing metal. According to the archeology and history of the cold, and then hot forging in Iran, Mesopotamia, Egypt already existed in 4-3 thousand. до н. e., cold forging of the Indians of North and South America existed before the XVI century. н. e

The ancient metallurgists in Europe, Asia and Africa forged iron syrodutnyh, copper, silver and gold. Blacksmiths used special honor of the nations of antiquity, their art was surrounded by legends and superstitions.

Forging, as a metalworking technique is a significant development in the X - XIII centuries. At that time we have learned to forge a durable multilayer swords and axes with steel blades quenched. Distributed been forging household items, instruments and craft tools.

At the end of the XVIII century. in Smithy began to use rope and steam hammers, screw and hydraulic presses. Along with the advent of mechanization in Smithy it has led to the improvement of forgings manufacturing technology not only forging methods, but even hot forging and calibration. Craft blacksmithing converted into separate production.