Forged and welded bars on the windows

Metal bars on the windows install, pursuit, First of all, utilitarian purpose - use them to protect home, office, but any room against penetration from the street. but notice, how often do we think with pleasure stops for delicate networks in window openings, making us admire the design and by the views of a beautifully designed window. Forged or welded lattices, no doubt, capable of creating a special aesthetics of the exterior of the building and decorate a modern urban landscape.

This person, far from the sphere of metal products manufacturing, Looking through the catalog with our ready-made grids or any other company, will be surprised, as welded designs can look elegant, often only marginally differing from forged. However, differences still there, and that they can significantly reduce the cost of production of welded gratings.

Forged or welded lattices: difference and similarity
Wrought iron bars on the windows, as well as welded, made from finished rolled - rods of different diameters, strips and corners. The forged product is exposed to the entire rental forging, except for some elements, mainly those, of which is made for the lattice frame and the lock housing, if there is one.

Picture, which have weldments, with some simplification elements, can be as elegant and picturesque, as in the forged. When preparing vegetable or fantasy ornament by welding different kinds of metal rolled, the latter will be bent in different directions and cut off, but its thickness and the diameter to remain unchanged.

Forged lattice may be formed from the same sheet metal and rod, but "stalks", "Berries", "Flowers" and other elements of an ornament after the forging treatment will have on different parts of different sizes, which will give an artistic drawing realistic and exclusivity.

Welding simplifies and reduces the cost of the ornament assembly process, therefore, it is present, Including, and forged products, but here the place of its application are closed decorative elements koltsovki.

It is known, that forged lattice often besides utilitarian have great artistic value. It always happens, when the creation of sketches attracted talented artists, and forging entrusted to highly professional master blacksmith. Company "Metallist" has a staff and those, and other. Exhibition of Landscape Design, held in the capital, where there is artistic forging company, show samples of the artistic taste and refined aesthetics