PERI Construction Company invites organizations to seminars

PERI Company invites professionals of construction companies to take part in training workshops, which will present new technical solutions and the latest engineering developments in the field of system scaffolding and formwork.

In 2019 It was scheduled to follow training activities:

19 of April - a webinar entitled "Review of the international construction exhibition innovations bauma 2019";
29 May - Seminar on "The Fall of the cost and construction time due to the introduction of the PERI formwork inventory» in Simferopol;
• autumn 2019 - a seminar on "Building high-rise buildings" in Noginsk, and a number of webinars: "As a rental saves you money", "How to choose the right skin for formwork for your project ', «BIM design - the answers to the challenges of time".

Seminars consist of 2 parts: theoretical and practical. 1-Second half includes theoretical material, which sets out the major spices PERI (engineers and project managers) in presentations and video format. In the second practical part the students are given the opportunity to take part in the actual assembly and disassembly systems. If the seminar is not held on the basis of PERI, equipment brings the company itself and points to it live.

All activities are free of charge. After the meeting, each seminar is issued a certificate of participation.

PERI company often organizes seminars for active and potential customers with the construction industry 2009 year. During this time, educational activities have been successfully carried out in 40 Russian cities. Subject teaching fixed in advance, however, the company may also hold seminars on personal, which is of interest to certain enterprises.

Usually, Training takes place on the basis of PERI offices primarily in Noginsk, Russia is hosting the head office. Workshops are also organized in other cities of Russia, where there is a need to improve the technical competence of professionals and the development of a culture of construction works.

About company:

Company PERI - is one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of formwork and scaffolding system. The company operates on the market with 1969 years and during that time opened 60 subsidiaries and 120 logistics facilities in various countries. The head office is located in the south of Germany Weißenhorn.

Russian subsidiary of the Company "PERI" was founded in 2005 year. The range are more 2 000 different products, among which the formwork and scaffolding, modular scaffolding, plywood and accessories. In addition to equipment supply company "PERI" provides a range of services: rental and maintenance of scaffolding and formwork, as well as the techno support construction sites.


Adresok: 142407, OUR, Noginsk district, ter. "Noginsk Technopark", d. 9
Phone: 8 800 700 87 94
The contact person: Ira Frolova
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