Grate and grate

Grate and the grate provide a supply of fresh air to the burning fuel in the hearth, over all types of furnace devices are exposed to high temperatures, tk. come into direct contact with the fire and coals. Are placed on the bottom of the hearth, between the firebox and ash chamber.
In the case of, when this grate at hand is not present, using makeshift construction of chopped reinforcement rods, diameter of about 10mm, but for the serious home-made stoves so undesirable. Though, grizzly, one of the most easily replaceable parts.

Grates are both firewood, and coal. Remember, that coal gives a much higher temperature, than wood.

Grate simply rests on top of the prepared holes in the masonry, clay mortar her coat is not necessary, tk. he still crack, Yes and no sense of its seal, because the direct appointment of the grate to supply air.

in this figure is shown a schematic representation of the grate and the grate, the fact, that the furnace devices are now available in many countries of the CIS, mastered such production and private firms, so the size and form of these products is very different, depending on the manufacturer. Here are the standard sizes, applied in the USSR, tk. many state-owned enterprises continue to produce furnace equipment on old prototypes:

grates firewood (dimensions in mm): 380x252, 300x252, 250x252, 250x180, 140x180, 120h140.
for the grates coal: 350x205, 300x205.
grating bars have a length: 470, 330 and 250mm.
For those who do not know: grate assembled from a certain number of grate.