Classification steel reinforcement

Steel framework - is a kind of high-quality metal, which is produced in the form of steel rods predetermined diameter.

Assortment and technical production and use of steel reinforcement conditions are governed by the following standards: GUEST 5781-82, GOST R 52544-2006, WTO ASCM 7-93, TU 14-1-5254-2006, TU 14-1-5526-2006, GUEST 10884-94.

According to the production method of the following types of valves: cable, rod, wire.

According to the manufacturing technology is divided into hot-rolled reinforcement (A500S class) and cold-rolled (B500C class).

isolated on the profile surface: smooth fittings (class A1), grooved fittings (A2 classes, A3, A4, A.5).

Smooth fitting A1

Grooved fittings A3

By appointment - Building Distribution, working, assembly according to the method of manufacturing - Hot-rolled and cold-drawn wire rod;

In the method of manufacturing - Free of tension reinforcement and prestressing.

Diameter rod - light (before 12 mm) and heavy fittings.

Rebars produced in coils (hanks) and rods (rods). The rods are made of length 6 before 12 m-dimensional and random length.

Grooved fittings A3
Armature steel rippled A3 - view of the reinforcing bar manufactured with a surface formed by a periodic profile (fittings periodic profile).

Grooved fittings A3

Corrugated steel armature A3 is made of low-alloy structural steel, a high carbon content, to make it more plasticity, and manganese, to improve corrosion resistance.

Grooved fittings A3 is widely used in the construction industry in the production of reinforcement cages, reinforced concrete structures, pouring foundations and floors, in the construction of monolithic buildings and constructions, in order to increase their strength and stiffness.

Grounds scope grooved fittings gave her a second name - construction fittings.

Construction fittings protects the monolithic concrete structure from cracking and helps to redistribute the load.

Depending on the inherent in the design documentation requirements for structural strength, planned load, operating conditions, used reinforcing bars of different classes and the diameter.

Most running diameters of corrugated rebar A3: 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm.

Grooved fittings A3

Grooved fittings Class A3 strength is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST 5781-82.

fittings A500S
A500S fittings made of hot rolled mild steel rolling followed thermostrengthening, thus reducing the amount of alloying elements and thereby greatly reduce the cost of the valve without impairing the strength and plastic properties.

Thermomechanical processing along with low carbon content improves weldability (welds have high strength both in arc, and in spot welding), improve the durability of reinforcement. A significant advantage is also the low cost of production and thus lower the cost of the armature. Using A500S reinforcement enables to reduce the consumption of metal in the 25 %, что на 10 % saves working reinforcement. Armature A500S not lose its properties at temperatures up to -55 ° C.

It comes round section with sickle-profile (which allows increasing the bending angle as compared with an annular profile A35GS from 90 ° to 180 °). It can be used as mounting tabs.

It is used for the device of strip foundations, carcases, any reinforcement of building structures, including the construction of tall buildings and structures Monolithic, and the paving device.

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