How to plant and how to feed a strawberry (strawberry)?

Отвечает Senior Researcher Kokinskogo reference Fri FGBNU «All-Russia Selection-Technological Institute of Horticulture and Nursery» Natalia Andronov:

Let reads correctly: in fact, this culture is called strawberry. Strawberry growers almost grown: its berries are very small, they may be fastened only at the joint cultivation of male and female plants.

Strawberry can be planted throughout the growing season of plants. In its suburbs criteria usually planted in spring (апрель, May) or at the end of summer and at the beginning illumine (August, сентябрь).

For planting their seedlings best suited spring season. 1-Second half May characterized favorable temperature conditions. The soil warms up pretty good in this season, and the moisture in it will be enough for the growth and development of plants planted. In addition, in early May, with the parent plants can get a huge amount of quality planting material (seedling). But delayed planting is impossible with the vernal, since planted in the second half of May, the seedlings can get under the harmful effects of hot and dry weather and poorly settle down.

As for the autumn planting, then it is best to end up 20 September. In this case, the plants have time to take root before winter and ride out the adverse conditions of winter.

Strawberries responds poorly to fertilizers specifically before planting, because they do not tolerate too high concentrations of salts in soil. Therefore, it is better to bring under the previous culture or 3-4 a month before planting. making on the dose 1 m2 such: 8-10-kg of well decomposed organic fertilizer (humus, compost), 30-40 g double superphosphate and 20 g of potassium sulfate. They should be moderately scatter all over the landing area and repaired during digging to a depth of 20-22 cm.

Strawberries are sensitive to the chlorine content of potash, therefore it is better to make potassium sulfate or wood ash. Wood ash is a valuable combination of phosphorous-potassium fertilizer, it increases the resistance of plants to fungal diseases and perfectly neutralizes the increased acidity of the soil.

Immediately after the mass melting of the snow is extremely important to feed strawberry urea or ammonium nitrate at the rate of 2 tablespoons per 1 м2. On beds scatter in dry substance form. You can just pour watering shrubs, preparing a solution of: 20 g (Matchbox) fertilizers 10 l. water.

Follow the instructions! When growing strawberries should not bring higher doses of organic and mineral fertilizers. They cause the rapid growth of shoots and leaves, distract from fruiting plants.