How to make a Scaffold

In any civil work, be it building renovation or construction of the house, required Scaffold. On their quality often depends, how quickly and well the work will be carried out. Besides, from managed forests depends the safety of construction workers and the people around them.

How to make a metal scaffolding

Previously scaffolding made of ordinary wooden planks. It was relatively cheap and affordable way to create them. A significant drawback of these forests is considered impossible their re-use. Today, the majority of construction companies are used prefabricated timber, which can be assembled and disassembled several times. It has also become more complex and the design itself, thus increasing their safety and reliability.

Types of scaffolding
Forests can be mounted in different ways. The type of lock depends on the functional design features. for example, Saddles forest, in contrast to the frame, more convenient for the finishing of complex configuration facades. Let us examine each in more detail the type of forest.

Types of scaffolding

The wedge scaffolding all the elements are connected by way of the wedge lock. Wedge scaffolding have a simple structure, which consists of diagonal and horizontal elements, vertical, stairs, nastilы. Such scaffolds are known high reliability and ability to withstand severe loading.

Along with the, such woods are simple and easy to use, because it can be quickly assembled and then disassembled. Most often wedge scaffolding used for lifting heavy materials. Besides, they are often used in the restoration work, as they practically do not spoil the facade of the building. These forests are not much more, frame than counterparts.

The main of these forests are welded frames, fastened to the horizontal struts trusted site links. Usually, frame scaffold used to work on plastering and coloring.

The disadvantages of this type of forest include the installation complexity, if the facade has projections, bay windows and other decorative elements. Plus frame scaffold can be called their cheapness, height of 100 m, stability and greater prevalence.

This is one of the most expensive scaffolding. Node compound of this design is the metal pin. This type of forest is popular with builders, because it can be easily assembled and disassembled directly on site in just a 1-2 Day.

Pin woods are durable and resistant, as well as a large weight. The maximum construction height is usually 40 meters.

Clamp forests are well suited for complex configuration facades. For each selected object its individual size of the working area, as well as step counters and other settings. The disadvantage of this design are the complexity of transporting and storing forests. Besides, Their height can be no more 40 meters. Forests Cost is also quite high, so they are not very popular.

In some cases, when the installation of natural forests, for whatever reasons, can not be, install suspended scaffolding. They are mounted on the roof with the help of special consoles. The cost of such structures are always negotiated individually and depends on the complexity of the object.

A typical forest structure
The scaffolding structure includes the following elements:

Horizontal or diagonal strut tube
Special jumper for laying flooring
Wood or metal decking
Stops for greater stability
Stairway to move between tiers
A typical forest structure

How to choose a Scaffold?
The value of forests affects not only their type, but also the manufacture material, and the size of the whole structure. The cheapest and most accessible material is considered to be a tree, but today it is used mostly only in private construction. The final value of forests and their height affects: higher than they, the more expensive it will be the elements, from which they are made. If the low constructions can be used in aluminum parts, the high they are replaced by a more durable steel.

How to choose a Scaffold?

If during work on forests will need to use heavy construction equipment or materials, the whole construction further strengthen. This is done with the help of diagonal braces and durable screw supports. Such strengthening cost money, which automatically makes the forest more expensive.

Price of metal woods also depends on the type of coverage. Usually cheap cover design simple primer, but on the more expensive paint is applied, which more effectively protects the metal from rusting. Naturally, such an option would be more expensive, however, it ensures longer service life of forests.

Production of forest wood is a relatively simple process. but here, as in any other work, has its own rules and nuances.

With self-manufacturing of forest, try to make a really convenient and reliable design. Primarily, follow, the distance between the posts was 2-2,5 m.

The most appropriate width of the deck 1 meter. This is the best option, as the narrower flooring is dangerous and inconvenient for work, and wider will be inconvenient to install. also consider, that the height of the entire structure should not exceed 6 meters.

Stages of manufacture of wooden scaffolding
To start on a flat area must be expanded 4 rack. In size, they must comply with a final height of finished forest.
Next you need to connect these racks to each other, Using horizontal jumper. Later on they will be laid wood flooring.
After that, As 2 the frame will be ready, Put them in a horizontal position opposite each other. Then bind them horizontally and diagonally boards, which will serve as a tie.
On the horizontal ties must be ready to lay flooring from boards. Attach them to the jumpers, you can use self-tapping screws.
In the final stage you will need to attach the railing and ladder set.
Remember, that when using the nails in the forests build a better pre-drilled holes suitable for them. This will prevent the board from splitting and damage.

Cons wooden woods
Problems with the analysis and storage. After that, as the work is completed, the forest will need to be dismantled. In the case of wooden frames it will be quite time-consuming and problematic.
Small construction height. If the timber is not manufactured in the factory, the self-made frame can be up to a maximum of 2 floors. If the height is greater, work on forests would be more dangerous.
inconvenience reshuffle. If you need to rearrange the forest to another location, it can become quite a difficult task because of the design features. By permutation will need to attract at least 4 person.