Characteristics sheeting device for fences and barriers

Fences are different, It is obvious. And the choice of the fence (Type of construction, material and components for its manufacturing and installation) It depends on its functional and aesthetic purpose. For example, construction site fencing put up temporarily, They do not require special appeal, and therefore the most cost-effective and simple materials can be used for their construction. If you decide to fence private property around the country cottage – for sure, want, to the fence and the house to create a single harmonious composition. Следовательно, Your choice will fall on the fence of stone, decorative bricks, Forged grating and so on.

But as shown by long-term construction practice, very often the most varied devices for fences selected such material, as a galvanized corrugated sheet, otherwise – decking. Perhaps, we can say, that the steel sheet in many ways are a versatile option: this also applies to their technical indicators, and their aesthetic appearance, and, of course, their cost relative to other materials.

Promex company is always ready to fulfill any metal work including such complex as stamping, extract, felling, , vychechka, flange, perforation, and many others.

Here are the main characteristics of corrugated board for fences, which accounted for the builders and owners of suburban areas when selecting materials:

  • Strength, reliability and, Therefore, долговечность – profiled sheets are made of galvanized steel with all the necessary GOSTs.
  • Aesthetic appearance – buying galvanized sheets manufacturers, You can order it for painting in any shade of the RAL table. This is a great opportunity to fit harmoniously into the design of corrugated board in the overall architectural style of your building project plan.
  • Ease of care – to maintain the cleanliness of the fence of the profile sheet you will have to spend a minimum of effort: Periodic cleaning of the fence from a garden hose or the like. easy to solve the problem of pollution.
  • Simplicity and ease of installation – for the protection of the device does not require almost no special knowledge and skills; however profiled sheets may be used and qualified builders, and non-professionals.
  • material efficiency – This factor is revealed in the two indicators. Firstly, You can purchase just the right amount of material, you need to build: calculation of trapezoidal sheet is very simple and can order sheets of varying lengths – taking into account the perimeter and area of ​​all irregularities. Second, acquisition sheeting absolutely will not damage your budget.

These and other features make the steel sheet is very popular material in various fields of construction. And you'll be able to assess their merits, using them for their own private purposes.