Features roof of reeds

Since ancient times, people seek to protect, to strengthen, warm home, so that it was comfortable to be. The main focus is on building roof. It protects against heat, rain. Today the popularity of gaining a roof of reeds . The material collected on the banks of rivers and lakes, dried. If necessary, it is further treated. After that, he is ready to use.

Pros and cons of the roofs of reeds

Ode of the essential characteristics of the positive material is ecological, that gives him an advantage, and before the wood, because the plants do not absorb harmful and toxic substances.

Outwardly, it seems fragile reeds, unreliable. In fact it is not so. Operate the roof with plant basis can be more than a decade. In addition, it is quite flexible material, can support form, that it was given during installation.

Bulrush different moisture resistance, not destroyed by water, is not afraid of snow and hail (when properly produced stacking procedure). Material capable of regulating the climate inside the room, controls the temperature and humidity, gives the uniqueness and beauty of appearance.

The disadvantage can be the appearance of insects. To deal with them and protect them from special formulations used. Also, bulrush not ogneustoychiv. But this problem can be solved by impregnating. The modern market offers a great diversity of their.

Assembling the cover with vegetable-based skills and experience required. Therefore it is not recommended to make it yourself, better to entrust it to professionals.