The treated wood – Building antiseptics or copper sulfate?

Is it possible to disinfect wounds on the trunks and main branches of the system of wood preservatives? Up until now, this Council bluestone. It is there for this kind of reason?

responds Phytopathology, Dr. S.-h. Sciences Sergey Golovin:

– special antiseptics, which are sold to impregnate the lumber and wood Product Sheet, designed for a dead tree species. These powerful drugs kill not only the spores and mycelium of fungi or lichens, but also easily destroy wood cells alive, which then can not be restored. That is overgrown wounds will not occur after such treatment. But recommended in fruit growing 1% solution of copper sulfate living tree species will not damage the.

Yet the least construction antiseptics can be used to protect areas Meurthe­howl tree species, which are often present in older trees. It should be understood, that they are only in the top layer (no more 1 mm), and most of the wood-destroying fungi penetrate the wood much more deeply, where these drugs do not fall. So that the impregnation can not suspend their development, if it has already begun.

New infection of wood decaying fungi also occurs mainly through the cracks are difficult to handle. Therefore, the great utility of the use of antiseptics for construction of fruit trees will not be, not even speaking about, that the fresh cuts of branches can not handle them.