concrete pools

Expanse of water pools resembles a gentle and calm sea. In today's world pool is a source of health, joy and laughter, it is always a pleasant and useful pastime with friends or family.

allow to perform any pool project: fountains, children's paddle, seats for hydromassage baths, etc.. Concrete pools often have incredible shapes and different functional areas, making it a favorite place for the owner.

In designing the pools is dominated by consumer quality for the customer. This is primarily an attractive appearance., purity of water for a long time, the geometry of the bowl, durability and, of course, reasonable cost. All these qualities directly depend on the materials and production technology of the pools..

Skimmer pools are very popular today, they are mostly rectangular, and driving in such a pool, comes directly from wall to wall. Skimmer is a device, through which the most polluted layer of water is taken (upper). The water level should be approximately in the middle of the skimmer. In order to cleanse not only the upper, but also the lower layers, skimmers are recommended to be connected to the bottom drain, moreover, the number of skimmers should correspond to the number of bottom drains.

Overflow pools are equipped with a gutter, into which contaminated water is displaced by a stream of clean water. In this case, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity of this flow from the largest possible area of ​​the bottom of the bath. This scheme is suitable for any geometric shapes and volumes of pools.. For the best water purification, the gutter must be placed around the entire perimeter of the pool.. Overflow pools are more beautiful, efficient and costly. These are mainly public pools or pools of solid private projects.